3 Historic Facts About the Canadian National Exhibition – Part 3

Should you have been reading this series right from the start I hope you are gaining some good information into the wonderful record behind the Canadian Domestic Exhibition. If this is the first article you are reading, you skipped out on a few of the great performances put on at the CNE grandstand, an historic building at the Ex used as a non permanent morgue, and how the famous Princes’ Gateways were named, and a lot more. Below are 3 more historical facts about the Canadian National Exhibition. landesaustellung

During the War of 1812, one of the bloodiest struggles was the Battle of York. On April twenty-seven, 1813, the Americans started out just West, available today, Exhibition grounds, and proceeded eastward across what is now the CNE half way, onwards to Fort You are able to. The Americans lost three hundred men but were successful in taking the town of York (Toronto) and burning throughout the parliament building. The British eventually retaliated in 1814 with the burning of Washington, when they destroyed many traditional buildings including the original White House. 

In 1939 many Canadians received their first demonstration of tv set at the CNE. In a display by RCA many individuals were shocked to be given this view at an invention that could revolutionize communication around the world. The Ex has always been a great location to showcase the most recent advances in agriculture, industry, and technology plus the most recent trends in home repair and entertainment.

In late 1950s the Toronto Argonauts Sports Club started out playing their regular season home video games at Exhibition Place. The Ex was obviously a fitting home for a team whose history forwent even its own (the Argonauts were founded in 1873). On April several, 1977 the Toronto Black Jays of Major Little league Baseball played their very first home game at the Exhibition. Both groups continued to play there until 1989 when they moved to the Skydome.