All About Maine Coon Cats

The Maine coon cat is a fairly large kitty that comes with an impressive body type. When this feline is around, people often take notice. This kitty breed is an old one, nevertheless the history of the breed is crammed with tall tales and events that probably did not happen. Some say the breed was your consequence of crossing a feline with a raccoon, but this could be easily disproven using DNA and genetic evaluation. You can also get rumors of crossbreeding between domestic cats and wild bobcats. The true history of the Maine coon is probably less exciting. These cats formerly arrived in the Usa States on ships. The cats had to adapt to miserable winter conditions, leading to the thick clothes they are known for by cat lovers.

The Maine Coon cat ranges from 14 to twenty pounds for males and 12 to 14 pounds for females. Unlike other felines, the this large cat doesn’t reach its large until it has become to be three or four years old. The coat is very distinctive and it is very thick and silky. The hair on the stomach is much longer and the head of hair on the shoulder joint is shorter. This breed comes in many colors and patterns, but would not come in a directed pattern. These cats have a medium head and a square muzzle, with large ears and wide-set eyes. They make ideal pets because they are friendly and loyal. Also, they are playful and enjoy being active. 

Unlike many other breeds, the Maine coon cat would not have any special needs. They are incredibly durable and the jackets do not become easily matted, so you do not need to spend a lot of time grooming them. This kind of breed does have an inclination to develop hip dysplasia and cardiomyopathy. If perhaps you notice any problems, it is best to get a vet check for your cat to get these health issues taken care of quickly.