Anti Aging Resveratrol and Medicine

What Thomas Edison Said Regarding Medicine

Thomas Edison probably the most inventors of all time, what he has in common with antiaging treatments is he was very considering nature and health. He was an enthusiastic believer in accordance sense when in concerns alternative medication. HGH Supplement

He could not realise why the medical establishment persisted to persist in dealing with diseases with drugs, when it was evident to him that disease was caused by biological unbalances which drugs can do nothing to correct.

It had been Thomas Edison who said: 

“The doctor of the future can give no treatments but will interest his patients in the attention of the human shape, in diet, and in the cause and reduction of disease. inches

Acquiring a Nutritional Approach to Healing Our Bodies

Nutritional vitamins and supplements, eating more fruits and vegetables may heal diseases in our body, they just give your body what needs to heal itself, our body is an impressive thing we can abuse it for a long time and it still serves all of us but eventually it will eventually break down if we keep on abusing it.

Certainly not exercising eating junk food and worrying to much causes an acid response when your blood is somewhat more acid than alkaline then disease can take over. Antiaging foods.

Medicine compared to Supplements

Our bodies are organic and natural when you put inorganic compounds in it trying to get better health you never achieve that goal instead you just cover up the symptoms of heart disease, diabetes and cancer the only way to get better health is to eat organic and natural vegetables and fruits the way nature intended.

You will discover no drugs or man-made vitamins or anti maturing medicine or drugs that hold the main element to anti – aging secrets.

Synthetic passages Natural Medicine
Scientist have tried to make nutritional vitamins and food synthetically, this is impossible, an example is they tried to make synthetic salt drinking water for Aquariums and the fish didn’t live until they added 10% real salt water.

The same is true with man made vitamins why use vitamin supplements that add only 10% or less of natural organic and natural vitamins and nutrients, instead it makes sense to work with fully natural whole dietary supplements because synthetic vitamins have a similar effect that drugs do they cause side effects.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol produced by plants when burdened, like ultra violet light, bacteria, and fungus.

Muscadine Grapes have the top amount of Resveratrol than any other grape.

Once you eat these fruit they help to sluggish down the process of aging when taken in large amounts.

Resveratrol is a revolutionary new anti-aging compound.

Red wine has resveratrol in it and scientist are trying to determine whether wine helps the French people with having one half the heart attack rate that we do, and they eat four times the butter fat and 2 times the pork that Us citizens do.

Resveratrol Supplements
The amount of Resveratrol you would need to decrease aging would be not possible from red wine only. Resveratrol supplements are the only safe way to get this amount about, 100 glasses of dark wine a day are required to get the amount of Resveratrol that would delay the aging process.

So natural companies supplements are the way to get the amount you need with no hangover.