Are You Still Chasing Google in Your SEO?

If you are still chasing Google around trying to beat away their algorithm let me personally give you a little a bit tip going into 2011, STOP! google api serp checking

Instead here is a suggestion from Matt Cutts that this individual gave during his keynote address at Pubcon this coming year “Don’t look at all of us where we are today, but consider the direction we are moving and what we are focusing on, the top five are the Mobile Web, Local Search, Social, Blended results in the SERPS and HTML5” 

The Mobile Web: The mobile web identifies mobile applications or browser structured access to the Net from a handheld device, such as an ipad device or a smartphone.

Morgan Stanley analysts have charted the main online trends and they forecast that by 2015 the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet.

Local Search:

Today there are over 10 billion unique looks done each month within the USA and over 40 percent of these searches have local objective!

We have also experienced how much emphasis is put on local search by Google on August 27th of this yr when they changed the complete landscape of the search results.

More Emphasis on AdWords -Today Google displays their Google map on the top right of their column, pushing down their paid advertising a couple hundred pixels. In return we have also seen that Google is showing MORE paid advertising in the middle steering column above the local entries.
More Competition for Native Advertising -In Google’s new listings they are also showing reviews using their Yahoo Places but also other third party websites like Yelp and Insider. While discussed by David Mihm during his recent demonstration “How Do You Get ranking a Phone Book” Importance is one of the three major factors in Google’s new Local protocol.
Claim and Optimize your Google Places Page! – I cannot emphasis this enough, to be successful in the local panorama you need to create trust with Google by first declaring your Gp page(s) and then optimize them concentrating on these two things; a) Relevance b) Dominance
Two Types of SEO – Some will claim that there are no longer two distinct codes for local search and traditional SEO, I argue 100%! In my judgment today there are two distinct types of SEO that local businesses need to give attention to in present new search to be successful; a) Google Areas SEO; the optimization of your Google Places and website which focuses on Relevance, Prominence and Mileage. b) Traditional SEO; that still focuses on website architecture, content, backlinks and social media
Social Search: I may easily sum up Social Search in one word; FACEBOOK!

Exceeding five-hundred million users Facebook has emerged as the control player in social multimedia and as business owners and online marketers we need to understand how our potential customers are getting together with Facebook to identify the most effective ways to communicate with these to build trust are the important elements of Facebook . com SEO.

Traditional Search Motors like Bing, Yahoo and even Google have become including social search within their codes and one new search engine called Blekko has harnessed the social landscape designs by screening out spammy websites by using their number of users and integrating social mentions by trusted users in the social network.

Blended Effects: Users want to have results that are relevant to them when they search for information, a product or service and/or service and that is what Blended Benefits or Universal Search is all about.

David Cromwell, one of the buyers in Google’s patent on Universal search gave all of us a behind the moments view if he related on Google’s blog “If only we could rationally place such results anywhere else on the page when they don’t quite ought to have the top, we could share the great things about these great Google features with people much more often”