Baby Safety – Hidden Danger of Your Baby Travel Stroller

Yearly thousands of babies get hurt in accidents related to strollers. When new parents choose a baby stroller to buy they consider nice look and modern appearance of the baby stroller among other things. They often times overlook a very important consideration – safety. View here

Previous month I met my neighbor Jody, and the girl told me a horrible story of what took place with her little six month old selecting. The end of story was good, nonetheless they had a quite difficult time before doctors declared that their baby was heading to be fine. What happened is that their brand new, stylish, easy to go and handle light travel stroller just acquired overturned by way of a 3 years old daughter. She was just trying to help… The baby was rushed to the Emergency Room, and luckily wound up with just two stitches. 

A nurse told to Jody that the main thing about any strollers is it is safety, stability in particular. She gave Jody a helpful advice on baby safety topics. This is what we think is important with regard to different types of push strollers: from umbrella strollers, travel strollers, jogging strollers, strollers etc.:

– Stroller should be safe. Always choose a carriage or child stroller that has wide and stable base to prevent tipping.
– Always choose five point harnesses alternatively then three.
– Produce sure that back recliner chair has lock that retains where it stands in location to prevent baby slipping backwards.
– Buy if possible strollers with dual locking mechanism brake system.
– Search for JPMA (Juvenile Products Make Association) Certification Seal on
– Make sure it is easily, quickly open and close.
– Check if stroller is roomy enough to support your growing infant.
– Be sure that child stroller has durable wheels. Tiny swiveling wheels make better to maneuver and good choice for walking on pavement. Larger wheels are better to push over suburban footpath or forest path.


– Stroller cover should be hypoallergenic and from safe fabric.
– If you are searching for infant stroller, make sure it has 3 position tilt. Recommended that baby up to 6 month old lie on completely recline position.
– Help to make sure stroller handle tavern is comfortable and changeable. It is important to obtain reversible handle bar to help parents make easy eye contact with baby.

Finally, never leave your child in an infant stroller unattended, even for a second. If you let your older kids to help to push the stroller – always be around and supervise them.