Bicycle Valets Can Reduce Local Pollution, Congestion and Create Bicycle Friendly Destinations

There is also a new trend growing in saving money community – “bicycle valets” or “bike valets. ” While bi-cycle valets change from area to area in design, personal, equipment and execution, they all share one common factor – they create a bicycle friendly vacation spot. best recumbent bike for seniors

Bicycles are far more energy-efficient than automobiles. You can travel further with less fuel and fewer pollution by using a bicycle than any car. It’s easy to start to see the dramatic big difference if we compare the CO2/Mile of a few common modes of vehicles. 

Listed here are averages of CO2/Mile pollution by vehicle with an individual passenger:

1. 57 lbs of CO2/Mile in a “Sport Utility Vehicle” – 15 MPG
one particular. 10 lbs of CO2/Mile within an “Average car” – 21. 5 MILE PER GALLON
0. 59 lbs of CO2/Mile within an “Economy car” – 40 MILES PER GALLON
0. 00 lbs of CO2/Mile on a “Bicycle”
Reviewing the pollution each vehicle produces, it’s easy to understand why environmentalist like to encourage bi-cycle friendly destinations whenever possible.

What exactly “Bicycle Valet? inches

A bicycle valet is an organized valet and parking service for bikes – imagine a layer look for bicycles. Each area has it’s own delivery nevertheless the goal of the service is to encourage surfers to arrive on their bicycles also to offer large scale, short term, bi-cycle parking.

In Santa Monica, California, you can find one variation of the bicycle valet. The Metropolis of Santa Monica offers free bicycle parking for both the Summer Twilight gifts Soap opera (a free summer concert series) and the Sunday Farmers Marketplace. In this case the location provides staff and for a traditional valet, the personnel give a ticket and take your car. You are required to pick up your vehicle prior to the end of the event but there is no service payment, tipping is in your hands.

Further north in San Jose, A bunch of states, the San francisco Bike Coalition offers similarly designed bicycle valet services at many locations including Stanford home football games, the San Jose Blues Event, Moffett Field Airshows and numerous Civic Art and Wine Festivals.

San Francisco, California, offers a free valet bicycle parking at a number events including all the Bay area Leaders home games, film development company in the Recreation area series, Tour de Excess fat and Winterfest. San Francisco is unique from many other cities in that by January 1, 99, metropolis requires bicycle car parking for a lot of major outdoor occasions.

In Fairfax, California, you will get a more home town effort. The Marin Local Bicycle Coalition loans PVC bike racks to “Green Wednesdays” who in switch use them to offer free, secure, bicycle car parking. “Green Wednesdays” offers bi-cycle parking at the Friday Farmers Market. While not exactly a bicycle valet service, “Green Wednesdays, inch is offering mass non permanent secure bicycle parking. This kind of in turn makes their local Farmers Market a bicycle friendly destination.

The Benefits of Bicycle Valet

Bicycle valets can provide benefits to both event cases and event locations while creating a more bi-cycle friendly destination, here are simply a few of the benefits:

Maintain clear vestibule and walkways. Without a bicycle valet or any type of other form of large scale bi-cycle parking, cyclist have to lock their bikes to whatever, wherever they find it. A bicycle valet provides a central location for large scale bike storage and keeps admission and sidewalks clear.
Lessen local traffic jam. Every person riding a bi-cycle is potentially one less car. Bicycle valets reduce traffic by reducing the phone number of folks who arrive by car.
Encourage attendance. Various people avoid events anticipated to parking hassles. Bikes are fast and easy to check-in and with less cars parking is sure to be a breeze.