Businessperson and Art Collector Wayne Chen Explores Paths to an Artist’s Success

In many cases artists lay blame at entities such as authorities and businesspersons for their deficiency of advancing as a nation. On the other hand several factors are being discussed as the explanation for the tardiness in success for designated Jamaican artists. As an example of aspirations for Jamaican artists, businessman and art aficionado Jamaican business owner Wayne Chen highlights the story of 45-year-old D.reese Hirst. adesina artist

Wayne Chen congratulates literary artist Marguerite Orane at the launch of her book “Free and Laughing. ” In an unprecedented move, British D.reese Hirst recently became the only artists for offering an entire show to Sotherby’s worth? 111 , 000, 000 in 2008. Thus matching to Wyclopedia Dictionary, this individual is claimed to be the richest known designer to date. Hirst was not born rich, with out a gold spoon in his mouth. Numerous business folks in Jamaica, contrary to popular belief were not born with golden spoons on their teeth so their stories too are models of aspiration. 

David Chen is one among many businesspersons sharing his thoughts as a source of encouragement and concern for Jamaican artists, in the following interview.

ANTHEA 1. How involved are you with the visible arts locally?

CHEN: My spouse and i is the Chairman of the National Gallery of Jamaica and co-founder/ leader of the Super In addition Under 40 Artist of the year competition taking place for the last twelve years in association with the Mutual Gallery. We are also the president and sponsor of MOUSE CLICK, digital photography business workshop and showcase for inner-city youth.

ANTHEA:. How included are you with skill globally? Do you travel specifically for art?

CHEN: I am not engaged with Art globally in the way that We are locally. I visit museums and galleries when I travel and positively seek out new fine art and new movements.

ANTHEA: What are your views on the visual artistry in Jamaica?

CHEN: The visual arts in Discovery bay, jamaica are an essential area of the bigger whole of Jamaica’s unique culture. Jamaica in regards to culture is a global superpower, broadly recognized for our accomplishments in music. I believe Jamaican visual arts, with the proper development and exposure, can be another part of excellence for Jamaica. There exists a wealth of natural talent, that proficiently mobilized, can have a determining rold in our country’s development.

ANTHEA: Does the National Set achieve its main aims?

CHEN: The National Photo gallery of Jamaica’s mission is: “To collect, research, doc and preserve Jamaican, other Caribbean Art and related material also to promote our artistic heritage for the good thing about present and future generations. ”

I believe regardless of the very limited, and diminishing, financial and human being resources available, the NGJ has over time were able to create and maintain a very high standard in conditions of its collections, exhibitions, contributions to scholarship, and standard advancement of Jamaica’s image arts. In recent years we have worked hard to strengthen governance, talk better with our various stakeholders, and boost work. We have seen significant successes in all these areas.