Challenges In Rural Marketing

Our country is aceded with a good level of ethnic and local diversity. About three-fourth of the total population is located in the rural areas and majority of them are dependent after farming for their subsistence. Farming contributes about 24. seven percent to the Gross Household Product (GDP) of the region. It also contributes about 13. 1% to the total Indian exports. This kind of sector provides employment to 58. 4% of the country’s workforce and sustenance to more than 600 million people. Despite this fact, the condition of these folks has not shown any significant improvement. buy telegram members
The development of the region largely depends after the development of the farming population. Mahatma Gandhi acquired once said: “India’s way is not Europe’s. India is not Calcutta and Bombay. India lives in her several hundreds of villages”. 
Rural Market Potential
India is an agro-based economy and the progress of almost all of the other sectors of economy is driven by rural demand. Urban market is achieving towards the saturation point, thus bringing in and urgent need to give attention to rural development. Moreover, more than 70% of India’s population comes from villages and constitutions a major market for industry because of increasing disposal incomes and recognition level.
In comparison to just 5, 161 cities in India there are 6, 38, 365 towns in India. This in itself is an sign where the real India resides. Companies are knowing slowly but surely that the key to get true market leadership is established on tapping the non-urban potential. Yet , the non-urban sector in India undergoes from different varieties of problems. Some areas are experiencing enough money but their degree of awareness and hence consumerism is very low. But there are numerous areas where monetary empowerment, education, health and many others., are major problems.What is rural marketing
Although there is a huge expansion in the urban market, the rural or inherited companies are yet to be tapped, and has an enormous likelihood of growth. A rural market can be defined as any market that exists in an area the place that the population is less than 10, 1000. The rural market in India is scattered and over a wide physical area. Indian market is divided into urban and rural markets.
o Urban marketplace is flooded with low demand.
o Rural market witnesses an increased demand It’s the non-urban segment of market that contributes more profit than its urban counterpart. Country marketing broadly involves getting customers, understanding their desires, availability of goods and services, and in the end satisfying consumers, leading to more sales. The general impression is that only agricultural plugs like seeds, fertilizers, insect sprays, cattle feed and gardening machinery have a potential for growth in the rural market. However, we have a growing market for consumer goods now. It has been estimated the countryside market is growing at the rate of five times its urban equal.
Challenges in Rural Promoting
Though rural markets are a huge attraction to marketers, it is not easy to the market and take a big share of the market, in the short time due to the pursuing reasons.