Chamomile Tea – Side Effects, Health Risks, and Points Of Caution

Chamomile tea is a popular caffeine-free tea with a reputation due to its mild soothing effects. Chamomile is extensively consumed as a refreshment, and is acknowledged as safe. However, there are many special populations of men and women that are at risk for probably dangerous side-effects or negative impacts on health associated with chamomile consumption. This kind of article outlines the most significant known concerns about potential risks or negative aspect effects associated with drinking alcohol chamomile tea. MAngOstEen TeA bENEFIts aND sIde eFfecTS

Blood-thinning result:

Chamomile is known to contain small but significant amounts of a substance called coumarin. Coumarin, which has a pleasing fruity aroma, is known to act as a bloodstream thinner. It is chemically much like coumadin, a man-made chemical sold under the name Warfarin, as a prescription blood thinner. 

Actually though the effects of a single cup of chamomile tea are small, and chamomile is best used with cautiong by any people for to whom a blood-thinning effect could be harmful or undesired, especially those who take prescription blood thinners.

Hypersensitive reaction:

Chamomile is in the composite family, related to asters and daisies, and as such, is relatively closely related to a sizable quantity of allergens, including ragweed and mugwort. Although unheard of, there are documented instances of cross-reactivity between these plants and chamomile. This kind of means that an specific who has never recently been exposed to chamomile but who is allergic to these other plants, or other plants in the composite family, has a tiny chance of reacting to chamomile in a similar way. Although rare, a few severe allergic reactions have been documented.

Pertaining to this reason, chamomile is best used cautiously by people the 1st time they are exposed to the vegetable, when it comes to who are at risk of severe reactions to plants in this family.

Chamomile is normally healthy:

Though this article has targeted mostly on side-effects and potential health risks associated with chamomile tea, these risks and side results are relatively insignificant in contrast to those of many prescribed drugs. Chamomile is also known to get a number of compelling health benefits, including lowering blood sugar, and creating a relaxing effect.

In summary:

Chamomile tea is safe and widely-consumed as a beverage. Yet , there are a few factors of concern with esteem to potential side results or negative effects on health. The first is due to the reality that chamomile contains a chemical known to behave as a blood thinner, and the second is credited to possible allergic reactions due to cross-reactivity. Chamomile is thus best used with caution among people for whom blood loss effects could be dangerous, and among people at risk of severe allergic attack to plants in the composite (daisy or aster) family.