Check Out These Fresh Hand-Made Cosmetics

The mention of beauty products made of 100 % natural ingredients might not enthuse as much as it will have a few decades ago but all it takes to improve this mood is making a stop in Lush. New handmade cosmetics out of fresh fruits and fruit and vegetables, Lush has a variety of baths and shampoo bars, fresh soaps, shower jellies, baths salts, body lotions that give natural and freshly-made cosmetics a whole new meaning. Gambir Emas

With over five-hundred stores spread across the globe, Lush products scarcely use any preservatives. Alternatively the cleverly combined materials stabilize the products thus ensuring a longer rack life. All Lush products are handmade from fresh fruit and vegetables along with essential oils. 

In the event there’s something that outshines the sheer selection of Rich products is the electrifying combinations that the merchandise are made. Imagine shower gels concocted by combining jasmine, ylang, cypress and palmarosa or cinnamon, clove, fresh berry juices and lashings of wine along with eau-de-vie. Besides innovatively combining components handpicked from across the world Lush offers great variations of classic products, something like Rub, Scrub, Rub a deviation of the normal shower skin gels that comes in a scrub form and is made from sea sodium combined with a splash of lemon juice and a mimosa blossom.

1 of the most new variant at Lush is their Teo solid antiperspirant, cleanser, cosmetic,; Tea tree, lemon, kranewitt deodorant bar is made of soda and magnesium (mg) that simply absorbs surplus perspiration and can be easily carried around.

Strolling along the display at a Lush store is unlike anything you’d have experienced at an aesthetic store. A medley of fresh fragrances burst around your senses right from as soon as you walk into the store. Imagine walking in a garden on a nice autumn day. Now you multiply that a sense with a sense of unbridled joy; that’s what a visit to a Lush store does.

This kind of is essence of Rich products is best seen in their signature Turf Shower Gel that is made wheatgrass juice and oils that gives a very earthy scent of a freshly mown garden in spring! You might think smelling like fresh grass isn’t that interesting a thought but once you sniff this carbamide peroxide gel there is no way you aren’t picking it up!

Natural, fresh, handmade with the choicest material chosen from around the world, Lush products are costed on the higher area (a bar of detergent starts at over Rs. 200) but once in a while indulgence may be worth every single rupee. A high level of consciousness while packing and recycling products makes buying these relatively exorbitantly priced Lush products an environmentally friendly decision too!