Counter Steering on a Bicycle

Countertop steering on a bike, also known as instant turn strategy, is an emergency bike maneuver within avoiding obstructions. This is important if a car suddenly cuts you off or when an unmindful pedestrian gets in the right path.

What is counter top steering

Counter steering is a maneuver employed by both motorists and cyclists. That is done to start a turn toward an unique direction by quickly guiding counter to the rider’s desired direction. For example: to show right, steer to the left, and vice versa. If by any reason you cannot apply your brakes to stop and avoid an auto, people, or an obstacle, you must turn when as you can. Counter driving or instant turn is quicker than the normal turn. That you should be able to execute it efficaciously, you have to practice it on a peaceful place as an empty auto parking space or park. 

Just how to execute counter driving on a bicycle

Essentially, this technique can be both done when you are riding whether bi-cycle or a motor circuit. One of the good things about counter steerage is that you can make use of it when you are either riding fast or a lttle bit slow.

The Handlebar Jerk

You jerk your handlebar on the reverse direction you wish to take. For example. if you intend to go right, you quickly cool your handlebar slightly to the left. This very quick move will cause your bike to low fat a little bit. This kind of will likely set up your turn. Your bicycle will weave left but will turn to the right.

The Turn

Following your bike leaned, you must lean in to the opposite direction and then make your change. Take notice that there can be an obstruction around the turn so you need to pay close attention when executing this fast turn.

Pedal Location

To avoid hitting your pedal while executing this method, place your inner ft . on the 3, on the lookout for, or 12 o’clock position. Yet , since pedal position varies among cyclists. Consequently just ensure you are confident and comfortable in your coated position. Lean hard on your outside pedal to help you retain traction force as you execute your turn.

More Suggestions

The key to cycling properly is still avoidance. Prevent having a lane that’s too narrow to talk about safely. You have to know how effectively perform counter steering over a bike to have a more secure riding experiences.