Don’t Be Intimidated by the Airbrush

Airbrushing has come a long way while the style of the airbrush has basically stayed the same. Sure that there have recently been some modifications and small adjustments of the airbrush here and there but generally it hasn’t changed much. What has changed is the many uses that contain been found for the airbrush. It is now becoming utilized for wedding cake decorating, momentary tattoos, Jacket designs, model building, cosmetic application, Spray tanning and that’s not even talking about the custom automotive and motorcycle paint industry. The reason lots of people, artists and craftsman are employing the airbrush now is since it is finally being comprehended that learning how to use the airbrush is relatively easy. best airbrush kit for cakes

If you want an easy to use airbrush then I would recommend a single action airbrush. The only action means that the paint and air are dispersed from the airbrush in one drive (single action) on the trigger. The paint volume level is handled by a knob that is usually located on the end of the airbrush clip or barrel. This knob adjusts the position of your needle inside the tip of the airbrush. Single Action Airbrush uses: spray tanning, model building, cosmetic application or when by using a stencil. 

In the event that you would like to have more power over how much paint comes away then you would would like to get a dual action airbrush. The dual action provides you the ability to control how much coloring is being applied. When ever you push down on the airbrush trigger it releases the air then when you pull back (dual action) it allows the paint to flow. The further you pull again on the trigger whilst it is being pressed the more paint that will come out of the airbrush. Dual Action Airbrush uses: Airbrushing T-shirts, Custom auto paint, cake decorating, comprehensive illustrations.