EBooks Vs Books – Which Should You Write?

There exists a lot of advice making the rounds right now that says both you and your business need to write down information products. That books and e-books are one of the better ways to establish your credibility and create a reputation for yourself as an expert in your field. That if you create and sell information products on any level then you must have an e-book or Book. Monografias Prontas

And that advice is decent as it stands. But there is a problem with it.

Half the time the advice says you need an eBook. The other half of the time the advice says you desire a book. Which is true? Which is the better format? 

First off, let’s clarify a few issues regarding eBooks and their elder cousin.

What is an eBook? Presently there are two basic types of eBook available on the market today. The first is a traditional type of eBook. Actually what we’re discussing is a glorified report or white paper. In other words it’s a long magazine article. Their particular length is often rationalized by reference to the down sides in reading eBooks. To call them an eBook is absolutely a lttle bit of an exaggeration. The closest they come to being a book is that about the turn of the last century (i. e. in Victorian times) there was a type of book called a monograph. Monographs were brief commentaries about a particular subject matter. However, books of this size grew out of fashion as the ability to read became more prevalent.

The second type of e book is to appear only recently. These eBooks are in the product range of seventy five to 150 pages long. This is roughly the same length as an executive length book. In fact, many executive span books are now being published as eBooks in the beginning with a paper e book (usually in hardcover) pursuing shortly after.

Whenever we ignore the first type of eBook — which is becoming obsolete after all — then there is not any real difference between an eBook and a traditional book. Except of course the format. eBooks are in digital form and books are printed.

Thus which is best for you — as a business person — to create?

At one time there was a huge difference between the two formats. electronic books for example were delivered one at a time by electronic means. Literature on the other palm needed to be imprinted in fairly substantial amounts and then stored until they could be sold. However the rise of the print-on-demand publisher removed that difference. Now, books can be printed one at a time and sent directly from the inkjet printer to the purchaser without the need to keep an inventory.

In truth, Amazon allows the same book to be sold in both eBook and book formats.

Therefore the answer is… use the version that is best for your circumstances. If you are intending to hand away the book to your customers, a conventional printed e book is probably going to be better received. Even though that may change over the years to come. On the other hands if you are planning to sell your publication over the internet, an eBook format is probably the optimum.