Frequently Asked Questions For Photo Booths

The term is getting out and everyone wants a picture booth at their event. A whole lot of folks have questions so here is a simple COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS guide. Birthday party ideas

Question 1 ) How much does it cost?

This can be a challenging question to answer. A whole lot of it will depend on what portion of the country. Here in Michigan the typical appears to be about 200 one hour. I have seen prices from $400 for 2 hours to $1000 for 2 hours. Which means you will really have to call your local companies to get an idea of an hourly rate. A few of the other costs are travel cost some companies will charge around 50 cents a mile for anything of 20 miles but again we all differ. It’s just my view but if you are willing to hire a company and they are willing to adopt the job it should be your responsibility to pay for their travel expenses. Some of the other costs are adding memory/scrap books. You can also pay extra for prop boxes. Some companies offer plastic picture remove holders to give your guests. You can even pay to have different colored again drops. So to answer the question I would expect to pay at least 200 dollars an hour.

Question 2. How can it work?

There are two basic types of picture booths available here in Michigan the more mature traditional booths that use a chemical process to produce the pictures and the newer booths that use technology. The old booths are pretty heavy machines and are difficult to transport so there use is limited. The newer booths are far more mobile and much easier to operate and much faster a producing pictures. Basically when you step into a new booth you will usually find a display screen that is displaying your image this gives you time to be sure everyone is in the shot. Once you are ready to take those picture, most booths will have a button to push the nicer booths will have a button to press for color or dark-colored & white prints. Generally you get a count up down timer and a number of three to six pictures will be taken. The better booths will have a flash to help find the lighting perfect. Some booths have a bench other booths allow you to stand. Following you take your picture you prints will produce out. This can take anywhere from no time to several minutes. Keep this in mind when you rent an image booth. The quicker your pictures produce the more people can get through and enjoy the photography booth.

Problem 3. May i customize my pictures?

When you apply to a digital image booth. Almost everything can be custom-made and modified. You should be able to put in a special communication. You could place the time of the event. You can have your picture or a logo located on the boarders. If you can imagine it is usually created. The layout can be improved as to how many pictures print out. That they can be printed in strips like traditional “old school” photography booths or you can print them in all different blends. The older booths will usually only print away the traditional strip of three or 4 pictures.

Question 4. How do I know which picture booth rental company to chose?

There are a lot of good photography booth rental companies in Michigan. The picture presentation area company you choose should be the company with the best costumer service. They should return your calls promptly.