Fun World of Warcraft Easter Eggs and Secrets

1. Fun Game Guide. To the north in the Un’goro Crater (possible mortal kombat reference? ) there exists an area nicknamed by many the Manufacturers camp. There are two brothers there that seem to be to be having a problem. There names are Muigin and Larion. Audio familiar? It’s Mario and Luigi with the first letters switched, and an N added to the end of each name. easter quotes images

2. Evil Dead. Southwest of Kharanos, in Gloomy Mo-rogh, is a camp with some dwarves doing some target practice. If perhaps you just hang on and wait you will eventually hear one of the yell out “This is my boom stay! ” a reference to Army of Darkness. 

3. In the war one fourth of the Undercity there exists a club where you’ll find Edward and Tyler. A nod to the movie fight club.

4. About the middle of the Badlands is a to some extent hidden crypt. If you go in we have a corroded dude sitting over a tub with a sword adhering in him. 2 several weeks. scene from the Conan movie.

5. In the Shimmering flats if you explore a lttle bit you can find a crashed podracer and racing team from Star Wars ep one particular.

6. One among my favorite movie references can be found in Mage sectors of Stormwind. There are three mages killing some time talking shop. In case you wait around a little while one of them will tell you “wouldn’t that be bad, like crossing the streams bad? ” A mention of the one of my fav videos, Ghost Busters. Who you gonna call? StormWind!

six. When you are planning to the Ironforge public auction house there is a guard you can ask about the Alchemy trainer. If you keep heading one of his answers is “why, oh why didn’t I take the blue potion? ” A Matrix reference.

8. In booty bay, a possible reference to Botany Gulf, the ship Khan was formerly found in, there is a Chief Professional Scooty with a teleporter. If you do a quest you can go through the device and meet Sprok and his away team. Star Journey geeks (no offense) laugh everyone.

Rare Pets:
The Tiny Crimson Whelpling: This will take some dedicated farming on Crimson, Flamesnorting and Red Whelps in the Eastern Wetlands to get this pet.

The Tiny Emerald Whelpling: Seek out Dreaming Whelps in the southwest corner of the Swamp of Sorrows. That could take a while, but you will end up one.

Lil’ Timmy. Procrastinate the end of the canal between the trade district and old town in stormwind. Lil’ Timmy spawns there erratically. He wanders over the canal heading for Tall square. You have to catch him before this individual gets there. Speak with him and he will sell you his white pussy-cat.

Hidden Quests:
Zelda: Limited at level 47. In Un’Goro Crater, in the marshland, there is a busted up raft and an old picture. That they will trigger a pursuit called “It’s a key to everybody”. A quotation from the original game.

In Marshal’s Refuge you will find Linken, think who…
In true old school RPG fashion this quest has you heading everywhere doing a sequence of 13 quests. You will desire a part of finish the last one. You will have to beat Blazerunner and Fireplace Plume Ridge. After your party takes him down find the Golden Fire (looking very much like the Tr-Force). Return it to Linken and this individual will give you a his Sword and Come back.

The Chicken Quest:
Difficult, but funny. You will find a chicken on Sal’deans Farm in Westfall. Do the Chicken Boogie for the bird a bunch of time, and eventually the quest will trigger. Choose the special give food to. Go back to the bird and type”/cheer” then feed it. It will drop an egg that is a pet called the Prairie chicken.