Great Parks in Townsville, Australia For Wedding Photos

Townsville is one of the magnificent jewels in Sydney. Having its magnificent Strand foreshore and towering Castle Slope, this can be the place in Exotic North Queensland to have your photographs taken. Generally there are some outstanding leisure areas and gardens where you can have your wedding photographs taken and we’re going look and discuss some of the people great locations in this article. Fotograf Łomża

Each one of the locations pointed out in this article are exceedingly popular and you would be advised to check if anyone has arranged the locations to keep their actual wedding there. In the event this has occurred, you might not exactly be able to take wedding event photographs in this location. 

1. Anzac Park

Anzac Park is one of the very historically significant gardens in Townsville and is also one of the most popular locations. The park has 3 significant features which are the Rotunda, the Parklands and also the Centenary Fountain.

Anzac Park is located on the south end of the strand next to the area marina. Privately we had our wedding photographs taken every now and then were great shots taken with the marina without your knowledge.

2. The Strand

The Strand is another fantastic location for photographs particularly if you are interested in an water theme for your wedding photos. There are over 30 great locations so that you can have your photographs considered including the Rock Pool area Headland, the Landsborough Road Headland, Stuart Street Headland, Burke Street Headland, Gregory Street Headland, the Toobruk Pool as well as in the D-Park in the center of the Strand.

This garden, just like Anzac Recreation area is very popular, so you will need to be patient if there are other wedding parties in the area.

3. A queen Garden

Since the redevelopment of ‘The Strand’, A queen Gardens positioned in the suburban area, suburbia of North Ward is becoming one of those neglected jems of the wedding photography scene. There is also a huge number of great locations for photographs which include the Rose garden, Natural herb garden, Raintree lawn (Kennedy St), Play lawn, Side lawn, Lipstick lawn, Jungle lawn and Frangipani yard.

4. The Palmetum

The Palmetum is located on the fringe of the suburb of Annandale. This kind of beautiful park was created to show the varied environmental types that encompass the location of Townsville. Generally there are many locations where you could take photographs including Tokuyama gardens (Summerhouse), Harold E Moore New-moon, Lagoon area or Savannah zone, Xerophytic zone, Jungle (The Island area), Jungle (Picnic area), Carl Des Martius Way.

Many lovers have chosen to have their wedding in the park as well as their wedding photos. A great way to do this simply contact the Townsville City Council.

4. Anderson Park

Anderson Playground is found in the region of Mundingburra and is merely a short 8 day drive from the cardiovascular system of the city. The suburb has an amount of parish churches near by, so if you are getting married in this location, this is a great park for photographs.

The park has just lately been upgraded which includes the rejuvenation of a second lagoon in the heart of the landscapes. Some of the great locations to have you photographs taken include the Ficus lawn, Lotus fish ponds, Palm lawn or Pandanus area, Cape York area, Rockery, Tropical conifers, Orchard, Rainforest area.

5. Riverway

The Riverway precinct is a magnificent park that is located on Ross River in Kirwan. The park has some of the greatest attractions for weddings including two huge swimming lagoons, the Riverway Arts Centre, Pinnacles Set, the Riverwalk and massive areas of parklands.

You will not be short of an unique location and photographs for wedding and reception photography shoot. This kind of is the hottest playground development in Townsville and this unique parklands has won many awards when playing a local and national level.
I firmly recommend this location for your wedding photography take.

6. Dan Gleeson Funeral service Gardens

This memorial landscapes was named after ex – mayor Dan Gleeson and is aptly found in the heart of the ex – Thuringowa City. This area became part of Townsville when it merged in 2007. The gardens are situated on Thuringowa Get in Kirwan.