How to Distribute Your Sheet Music

Computerized and Physical Distribution. On the web and Offline. PDFs and Physical Books.

Once your sheet music is done you can submit it to a distributing organization to be distributed, or offer it yourself in paper or computerized arrange. The significant sheet music organizations like Hal Leonard and Alfred won’t be occupied with your sheet music until you’ve sold a large number of CDs, however there are a few sites that offer dispersion administrations for books either in computerized or physical frame that are accessible to you.

At the point when a site distributes a book (PDF, eBook or physical book) it implies they put it up all alone site to be sold. At the point when a site offers a circulation benefit, it implies that they send your book to different organizations to be sold in computerized or physical configuration (this for the most part incorporates their own site too). Printing is the point at which a site offers an administration to print out various duplicates of your book, to be at that point sold by you or another organization (this may incorporate the organization that printed the book in any case). 


An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is an extraordinary book distinguishing number that shows up over scanner tags. It’s utilized to distinguish diverse releases of a similar title (soft cover, book recording, eBook, and so forth.) The Standard Address Number (SAN) is $75 additional and a bit much for independently published performers. It’s a number that speaks to an address and is for the advantage of Distributors, Wholesalers, and Schools. You can buy these on the Bowker Identifier Services site. Rebates are accessible in the event that you purchase in mass. In the event that you are offering your book at retail locations you will require an ISBN and a standardized tag. In the event that you are offering an eBook on the web, at that point the site you’re experiencing will supply you with one. On the off chance that you are offering your book without anyone else site, at that point you won’t require an ISBN.

PDF Publishing

Distributing your sheet music in PDF design is accessible on a site called Musica Neo where you can distribute, offer, purchase and download sheet music and execution licenses. It’s allowed to join and there are no month to month expenses. They take 33% (33.3%) of your deals and you can set your costs to whatever you need, however they must be in any event $1. You are paid promptly, however your record adjust must be in any event $10 before you can make a withdrawal. Installments can be gotten specifically into your financial balance, a sent check, or through PayPal. Musica Neo may restrict you to pulling back close to $500 every month. Additionally, you can transfer your music as a Finale or Sibelius document and they will change over it to PDF for you.

Physical Book Printing

You can likewise have your sheet music printed and distributed as a physical book. Lulu and Book Baby offer book printing, distributing, and circulation, and Lightning Source offers book printing. Costs will fluctuate a great deal contingent upon the quantity of pages, the size, regardless of whether it’s in shading or dark and white, soft cover or hard cover, the sort of official, and so on. In this way, check their sites for the alternatives that are accessible.

Physical Book Distribution

Lulu offers a free physical book appropriation benefit called ExtendedReach that will get your book on Amazon and databases, and they will supply you with a free ISBN that has a place with them. Which implies, you’re just permitted to have that number for your book on Lulu’s site or any site Lulu sends it to. On the off chance that you need your physical book accessible to retail locations around the globe, as Barnes and Noble, you need to pick Lulu’s $75 GlobalReach appropriation administration, and it’ll require an ISBN and scanner tag. You can purchase your own for $150 on the Bowker Identifier Services site, or you can utilize a Lulu possessed ISBN for nothing. Lulu has “Obligatory Requirements for Distribution”, so make a point to check their rules previously you submit anything. You can do all the different advances yourself to present your book, or you can pay for a Lulu Pre-Publishing administration. Their essential administration “Smash hit” is $629 and incorporates: Basic Book Cover Design, Advanced Manuscript Formatting, Editorial Quality Review, GlobalReach Distribution, Lulu ISBN. Fundamentally, they’ll configuration, design, alter, and distribute your book for you. Their more intricate administration “Perfect work of art” is $1,429 and has further developed cover outline and arranging, an ePub change (more will be clarified about this in the following stage about eBook Distribution), in addition to Phone Support. Their most developed administration “Laureate” is $4,729 and incorporates everything specified in the last administration and includes a Full Copy Edit, 100 Paperbacks, in addition to 25 Hardcovers. there is another administration called “Kids’ Imagination Package” for $549, and is obviously intended for distributing youngsters’ books. They likewise offer promoting bundles for publicizing your book.