Important Knowledge in the Internet and New Technology

Employed in the Internet or new technology industries (that in many cases go along) demands a lot of efforts and knowledge. Generally speaking, when say ‘Internet’ we actually need to correct the precise sub-category we are talking about: website creation and development, web site design, sociable media, e-commerce…

Should your job is linked to Net or IT company you have to be aware of everything taking place around your company, even not directly impacting it. All subject areas are related to the other person on the web. And success in a job is actually equal to your knowledge and experience. صقور التقنية

While experience comes with time, you need to work on your understanding by yourself.

Even if you’re employed in a company with a specific product, e. g. website advertising mobile phones online, you need to know much more now not directly related to your product and job, like: 

– how to be ranked by search engines may arise on the first page of results;
– how to promote your website on social media website;
– what new trends are there is tablet market – almost cellphone competitor;
– how to develop an iphone app for i phone, Android and Microsoft Cell for your online shop;
– what e-payment system to choose and why;
– and so forth…

On top of that the industry itself is evolving so quickly that we sometimes cannot abide by it.

Main subject areas covered by Internet and Tech mags
With an idea of what you need to know to succeed in your job in IT world, allow us to look at the key subject areas have Techcrunch or Mashable: the greatest website about Internet and technology:

– Social Media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo
– Mobile and mobile software: App Store, Google Perform; Microsoft Store
– Gizmos and innovations
– Online companies
– E-commerce: Amazon, amazon,
– Payment systems: PayPal, Square, Amazon Wallet, Yahoo Wallet
– Dev & Design: HTML5, Use Knowledge, etc.
– Blogging & Entrepreneurship
– Software
– Storage
– Security

This kind of list could go on with the help of more and more new information and new subject areas once break-through products are launched as they usually change the complete knowledge of how we use the web.