Joomla Tutorial – How to Design Joomla Websites of Any Type That You Want – Part 2

You may design Joomla websites of any type that you want. All you need is a great understanding of how the Joomla CMS works, a sound vision of what you want to accomplish and an understanding or the tools that could be open to you. website Page speed optimization

one particular. Directory Website: Once you understand Joomla and understand its potential, you can see very easily how one can create a Joomla business directory or any type of type of listing for that matter. Wish to list the local businesses in your wedge online? Yes, you can! What about a directory of all the professional Punk bands and musicians in your city? Yep, so! OK, what about a listing of all the professional rumor mongers in your neighborhood? If you do not brain being the next “feature story”, yep, you can!; ) If your head can conceive it, you can create it with Joomla. “C’est tres simple! “, as the People from france would say! J 

2. Community Website: You can also design a Joomla cms website for your local community, interest group, interpersonal club or even town. Now you can install the right Joomla extensions to have the events calendar, local (national and even world) news streamed to the website, local weather, and so forth. installed and operating. If you have ever felt frustrated about the way your community is or have believed an urge to help, a Joomla-powered website is a free and very helpful to help them and maximize impact on every person! Hey, it could even be a good way to get started on building your political profession. “I built the first community website to keep our people informed and in sync with their government and attackers. As a result, vote for me but not for Joe Nothington! inch; )

3. Joomla Online video Portal: If you have ever wanted to have your own YouTube-type of website, but the costs of developing one has been prohibitive or you just can’t wrap your mind around it, a Joomla cms video portal (aka online video networking site) maybe only the solution that you never knew existed. You can have users create accounts, post videos, review on cool videos, bring their friends to sign up for them, create “video of the month” contests to choose your site viral and attract more traffic and users and even start asking Geico and Allstate (big-pocket insurance companies) when they come begging to advertise on your video website. Now, tell me critically, AIN’T THAT COOL?: )

As I said at the beginning of this article, you can design and create Joomla websites of any kind, if you only dedicated you to ultimately learning Joomla and utilizing it accordingly.