Kids: Channeling Mania Towards Productivity

A lot more kids these days are diagnosed ADD, ADHD, or Bipolar. There are neurological reasons for this, and there are environmental elements which can soothe or aggravate the symptoms. This becomes increasingly easy to “react” with each feeling swing rather than to develop a plan for different positions on the pendulum swing. Yet, preplanning is the best chance at teaching our children coping skills that will serve them throughout life. A child will learn better during a mania or hyper state–if the parent will be able to stay strong and kick into a preplanned directed goal. kids channel

Several of the most creative, successful people in the world’s history are zweipolig. (one small set of such people can be found at There have been rulers of countries with it, artists, authors, astronauts, music artists, ball players, financiers. The goal of parenting is to help assist our children to learn the coping skill that they may need to be successful at their level in the world around them as adults. Your child may choose to be the next Nobel Prize champion, Secretary General of the United Nations, or they actually may have similar goals by using an equally grand scale.

Take into account that adults, who are clinically required remedies to help curb the mania, often go off their meds because they enjoy the added energy and creativity. They like feeling euphoria, accomplishment, and a higher sense of capability and esteem. However un-channeled, that high energy can run rampant, and create a wake of problems left behind them which will improve the sluggish, depression side of the mood cycle.

When our children are young, we can take you a chance to help them identify these moods and teach them subtly– some ways to harness that energy, and apply it in appropriate ways that still align with their wishes. This ideas are modifications from the book The Ups and Downs of Increasing a Bipolar Child by Judith Lederman and Yeast Fink, M. D. These kinds of ideas work well in the state where imagination & thinking out of the box is recognizable. This may not be intended to treat other phases of pallino such as rage, or extreme irritability & disbelief.