Late Hotel Deals Explained

Can i benefit from booking overdue hotel deals via internet and why such deals represent a really great value deals? We often see on line promotions, like “save up to 60%”, “up to 70% “on accommodation. How can such saving be achieved and why hotels drop rates so low? Cheap Tickets

When a consumer books ahead of time, in many cases hotels apply advance purchase rates which are more flexible (ie allow free cancellations and changes), however such rates are often higher as hotels try to increase their profit from advance bookings. As the time goes by, many rooms in hotels remains unsold or cancelled last minute. The tour operators release their unsold allocations, so hoteliers know how many unsold inventory will be left. Upon such a short notice, there is not enough time for hotels to keep selling them via regular channels, so they would better drop the price as much as possible, rather then rooms will stay unsold. In addition, higher occupancy is always a much better performance indicator for hotel’s reputation. Last minute hotel offers are on sale since the last moment.

Many hoteliers change late hotel rates on daily basis updating past due hotel deals and special offers. Normally hoteliers choose a few preferred on line suppliers, who will allow them to upload unsold products on hand with no cost for marketing their last minute offers via internet. Late hotel deals are usually supplied mostly to internet travel companies and less so to tour guides or wholesalers, as internet companies can disperse them quickly without cost of publishing expensive leaflets or advertising fees. By simply loading late hotel offers directly on web reservation systems called extranet, hotels are able to offer considerable rate reductions, often up to 60% from official published rates, as they cannot have to cover marketing costs.

Online booking websites distribute the deals direct to customers with no third party agents. By simply booking directly on collection the end consumer may save to 70% on accommodation.