Putting Some News In Our News Feeds

Collecting some news as an afterthought remains a familiar practice even in the modern world, whether it’s getting a New York Moments with your Starbucks or an USA Today while waiting to board an airplane.

For a company with deep pockets, CNN may become the next great news impulse buy. whatsapp questions and answers game

Rupert Murdoch has turned a bold, $75 billion put money for Time Warner. When the purchase is not even close to a certainty, one of the many possible aspect effects of such a deal breaker would be CNN growing for sale, in order to avoid antitrust problems due to conflicts with Fox News. CNN’s deal, if it happened, could fetch an estimated $6 billion to $8 billion dollars, an unnamed person familiar with the matter advised Bloomberg. (1) 

Speculation abounds regarding which company would want to pick-up CNN, should the cable network become available. Popular guesses include CBS, Disney and Yahoo. Google, while less likely, is mentioned as a contender; Porter Bibb, managing partner at Mediatech Capital Partners, pointed away that the network may well be a perfect complement to Google-owned YouTube. (2)

This conjecture got me thinking: How about Facebook?

Facebook announced documenting that it would acquire WhatsApp for $19 million. That price was around three times the approximated value of CNN, for a company that experienced, at most, $300 , 000, 000 in revenues at the time the offer was announced. I have no judgment about the WhatsApp deal, mostly because I possess almost no idea what WhatsApp does. (At my age, this ignorance is permitted, though not urged. As a result of Google I understand, vaguely, that WhatsApp enables users send messages and share information, that we thought I was already doing. ) I do know, however, that CNN has real viewers and makes real, though not great, profits.

I spend a major portion of every day acquiring information. I troll a number of news sites to learn about things that are important to my opinion. I also check Facebook to learn about people who are important to me. Because those people often share and brief review after news items, and because I sometimes respond to the things they share, Facebook undoubtedly already has some idea which subject areas are important to me personally. If Facebook wanted to save me the problem of scanning six media sites a day, I’d personally be able to notify them more.

It has always been a given that Facebook wants to know as much as possible about what people do all over the Net. And of course Fb wants to maximize the amount of time their users spend on Facebook or myspace itself. So why didn’t Facebook would like to get into the business of providing myself with news i, in turn, might share with my buddies? It would imply my friends and i also would all spend more time on the social network, which is just what Facebook as well as its promoters in the end want.

Facebook also has a history of acquisitions, not all of which were intuitive from the outside. In a smaller deal than the WhatsApp purchase, the company acquired virtual reality start up Oculus VR earlier this year. Bystanders have suspected that the acquisition was everything from a selfishness purchase by CEO Tag Zuckerberg to a long lasting attempt to develop a Google Glass competitor. Both way, Facebook has proven that it is ready to reach outside the existing model. Comparatively, a news organization would not be a great offer of stretch.

Zuckerberg is a bright guy who has some money at his disposal. He doesn’t need me to share with him how to spend it. In the event he can snag CNN for, say, $7 million, it would be around the equivalent of me personally picking up People mag at the checkout table. (In my case, only a copy of the latest issue, not the real publication itself. ) If perhaps CNN catches Zuckerberg’s vision, undoubtedly he’ll really know what to do with it.