Reasons to Perform a Business Valuation

For what reason a Business Valuation?

Various businesses, business buyers, business sellers and others need business valuations for a variety of purposes. Those purposes range from considering the sales or purchase of a business to complying with a court order to settle a legal concern. Often, business owners just want to come with an idea of the current value with their business. How to value a business

Below are some of the causes people come to all of us or use our business valuation software tool for business valuation. 


Only as people want to check their stock portfolio from time to time, small business owners like to get an idea of their company’s value and changes in its value. Our valuation tool can provide you with that good idea of your business’ value, based after your answers to several financial and non-financial questions. A basic valuation is free!

Buying an Organization, Initial Evaluation

Often, business buyers are bewildered concerning how a seller comes at an asking price for his or her business. In some instances, the requesting price is not centered on any rhyme or reason. Before getting too involved in negotiating a business acquisition, it is a good idea to determine if the asking price is in the ballpark. A difference of 10% to 25% (asking price versus independent valuation) is usually bridgeable. Nevertheless, if the is much more than 25% roughly, chances of buyer and seller getting to an agreement are pretty thin.

Buying a Business, Give & Negotiation Phase

When it’s determined that buyer and seller are in the same ballpark, an even more formal valuation will be very helpful. It’s one thing to ask a seller to lower his price by 20%; It can quite another to show that seller an 3rd party valuation that details the reasons for your offer price.

Selling an Organization, Early Preparation

The decision to sell a company hardly ever happens overnight, and not should the planning. Enough time to get started on planning for the sale of any business is 1 to three years prior to the goal date of the deal. A key aspect of the planning is an objective judgment your business value. This is very important not only for setting reasonable expectations and a reasonable price. Really also important because there are some clear step you can take to boost the value of your company, and associated with sale easier and faster, if you start the planning before hand.

Selling a Business Within One full year

In the event you’re planning to offer your business for sales within a year, is actually definitely time to get a valuation along with a little professional advice. Setting an incorrect asking price, or even the right selling price without documentation to support it is usually deadly. Likewise, there is a whole lot you can and should do to make the business more salable (and more valuable), if you do not wait around until its too overdue.