Reiki Healing Mastering and Healing the Emotions

One of many beauties of Reiki is the fact we can put it to use to heal ourself and get over the mental injuries and stress that we have experienced through traumatic childhoods, overwork, medication abuse and the like. Seichim

If you assume that such challenges to your psychological well-being is affecting you Reiki may be just the answer for you.

Reiki healing is a Japanese healing art that uses natural, Universal energy to restore balance to the emotions, body and mind. Reiki has recently been used for decades to increase the quality lifestyle of many those who are experiencing a variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues. 

The concentrate of the article is how you are able to use Reiki to restore balance to your emotions. Healing our thoughts is so important, because our thoughts affect the quality of our sociable relations and also the way you think and act. This influences everything that we do.

Reiki offers two ways to heal your emotional makeup: use a Reiki practitioner or Grasp, or learn how to do Reiki healing by yourself. Practitioner have experienced First Degree and Second Degree Reiki training, while a Master has also trained and come to a Third-Degree level, the most rigorous training available. These folks are able to do treatments in their office or at your house.. Several treatments may be expected so that you can find relief with the mental issues with that you simply might be having a problem.

The second option is to accomplish Reiki self-healing.

Possibly option will work and produce results. Below is a simplified self-healing process for emotional issues. Carry out all of these treatment for do a complete treatment. Repeat as often as you need to. The beauty of Reiki is that with proper intent it is hard to “mess it up”. 2 weeks. natural and gentle healing system that almost anybody can learn.

1. First, draw the First and Second Emblems of Reiki (Cho Ku Rei & Sei Hei Ki). Doing this will attune you to that part of yourself that is capable of channelizing Universal energy. You can study to draw them from a variety of books on the subject matter or by going to YouTube on the internet.

installment payments on your Picture the emotional concern you could be having, perhaps keeping in mind a specific instance in which the issue came about. Fix a clear image in your mind and then allow the image die to one where all of the colors are grey.

3. When the image is becoming gray, see a new picture in your mind that fits to the results you would like to have. Once again, be as specific as possible

4. Hold this new picture plainly in your mind and stamps it into your memory space, substituting it for your old, undesirable picture.

5. Create a positive affirmation, an affirmation, to go with the new picture such as “I see myself responding this way whenever I am presented with this kind of situation” (be specific in regards to what your response will be and the situation).

6. Verbally repeat this affirmation to yourself while positioning both hands over your forehead. Allow, or route, Universal energy (rei) to flow in to the personal energy center found in your temple, just over a middle of your eyebrows (called the “third eye”). Right now place your hands over your heart and route rei into your cardiovascular chakra, repeating the confirmation. Lastly, in your mind’s eye, “see” where the emotion is “residing” in you. (If fear is the emotion, for example, you may see or feel it in the stomach area). Channel rei using your hands into that area of your body. Repeat the acceptance. Do each of these hand placements for a minute or two. Have the healing energy that Reiki brings to each.

End the session with a simple “Thank you” to the Universe.

Nothing marvelous, nothing mysterious, about this, really. It’s something we should all learn to do as a great thing for ourselves.

Now I actually realize that there was clearly some new terminology in this exercise and that you might consider “doing it right”. The exercise was intended to offer you a flavor of what Reiki is all about.