The Tennis Bracelet – An Elegant Bracelet With a Sporty History

The tennis bracelet is a rather weird name for an elegant piece. Certainly, it is named following the game of tennis. Which happened: At the 1987 U. S. Open, Philip Evert stopped her match to check the in-line diamonds bracelets she always wore on the court. mens tennis bracelet

Millions of folks in the stands and on television set watched this unfold live and the fascination with it progressed. Since then, the in-line bracelet’s name changed to become known as the tennis bracelet. 

Different styles

The regular version is a row of diamonds, but not necessarily limited to that. Alternating diamonds and other gemstones are also a popular style, specifically for a birthstone gift. A sky-blue tennis band is likely to make her the envy of all other September babies.

The standard setting up is the four-pronged spherical stone bracelet. This style also commonly incorporates metallic design in between the diamond, often in the condition of an H or an X.

Washing and maintenance

If the bracelet consist of just diamond jewelry, cleaning is a breeze. Diamonds are the most difficult gemstone with a ranking of 10 on the Mohs scale, so it can be soaked in cleaner, steamed and irritated within an ultrasonic machine. A toothbrush can even be used to clean under the setting.

However, if it is composed of diamonds and some other gemstone, the hardness of that rock must be taken into account. Unless it is an opal or pellet, a soak in hot water with a mild cleaning soap should be sufficient. Although, for softer stones like those, a wipe down with a humid fabric is the best way to completely clean them.

To avoid Chris Evert’s circumstance, have a safety chain added to the bracelet before it leaves the store. Also, make sure the clasp is a good one and that it is tight. The most common clasp for a precious stone tennis bracelet is a box clasp which is nearly hidden so it doesn’t impact the beauty of the diamonds.

An additional safety measure to shield what can be a very costly investment as well as a sentimental gift. The prong tips should be checked out regularly for wear and should be re-tipped regularly. The prongs themselves examined for tightness. For frame settings, make sure the stone does not become loose. It really is more difficult to discover a setting up problem since there are no prongs to show damage.

Have the part appraised with a GIA certified appraiser in order that it can be insured. Typically homeowner’s guidelines have a rider for personal property or a specific one can be taken on jewelry. Once again, a precious stone bracelet can be very expensive and insurance is a great preventative measure against theft or reduction. While it can’t bring back the wonderful recollections of the day you got it, new ones can be made with the replacement piece. In any event, at least thousands of dollars did not simply go up in smoke.

A large number of women aspire to own a precious stone tennis bracelet and obtaining you are like winning the lottery. It’s an instant she will remember permanently, which is the length of time it lasts-diamonds are forever.