Turncrafter Plus – PSI Wood Lathe Review

The past few years I actually have been thinking about buying a wood lathe. I’ve always been very enthusiastic about wood turning, and thought it could make a great hobby, but I’ve never really gotten began. wood lathes review

A friend of mine, Chuck, is a very experienced and skilled solid wood turner, each so often I get an opportunity to try things out with his lathe, and i also always enjoy the experience. He’s always happy to let me personally make use of it and willing to teach me anything We want to know, but Personally i think bad for impacting on him. 

I never really got serious and did my research on wood lathes since My spouse and i always felt that it was too costly a hobby, and I couldn’t really afford it. I understood that Chuck’s lathe, a huge model from General, cost him several thousand us dollars and just figured that was the normal budget range. This kept me faraway from wood turning for several years!

I just started out looking at Wood Lathe prices, only to discover there’s a huge market for smaller less expensive lathes. After taking a look at several reviews online and finding almost all of them positive, Choice to spend in A Turncrafter In addition from PSI.

This lathe was marketed as an affordable beginner lathe, and that is what really stood away for me. It cost a little over 150$, so I wasn’t wanting too much. I was thrilled with the purchase anyway, since I would finally be capable of geting into real wood turning, of course, if it didn’t work away it wasn’t as if I had made a major investment.

When it appeared I was pleasantly astonished. The Turncrafter came effectively packaged and looked great out of the field. It was very small, only about two toes long and a separated foot deep, but that was perfect since My spouse and i don’t have a great deal of room in my shop. I used to be impressed with how heavy and sturdy it seamed, since I actually was worried that for the money I would get something flimsy or easy to break.

We attached a tiny piece of wood using the included live center and switched it on. It operates very quietly and efficiently, whether you have it on the slowest or speediest speed. I bought a set of lathe tools with it, and they cut into my spindle as smooth as butter!

I’ve turned a handful of pens and a candle holder onto it so far, and I actually haven’t a new sole problem. It holds the spindle very well, and spins without slipping or choking. I couldn’t be happier with this lathe. There are a few limitations, mostly due to small side, so maybe eventually I will want to upgrade to a bigger lathe, nevertheless for now it’s perfect.